by William F. Powers

Welcome to the free download page for this warm Christmas story.

I have been writing for several years now and released several short stories in 2012 and early 2013. In December, 2012 I got an idea for this short story set in the time of the American Civil War. As I wrote, the direction developed an unexpected turn and just naturally took on a Christmas flavor. It has several twists but I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

Come Spring is about half the length of my other short stories, so I decided instead of publishing through my regular ebook channels I would distribute this one as a free PDF file to give a sample of my writing. You may freely forward the PDF or the link to this page to anyone you think may enjoy it. Virtually any computer can display a PDF file and many e-readers also support the PDF format.

I hope you enjoy this 30-minute tale. I am making it available without cost or obligation, but if you have time I would be grateful if you sent me a sentence or two (or more if you wish) as to your thoughts. Comments so far have been very encouraging.

Download the story here.

With my best wishes to you for a very special Christmas,



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