The Amazing Green Flying Machine

This is a sample of the children's book The Amazing Green Flying Machine by author, William F. Powers.

"I can do it,"
The little boy said
"I can do it."
And he jumped out of bed.

He ran to the window
And took a look out;
He decided just then
And let out a shout,

"My plan will be magic ...
A spectacular thing.
'Cause I'll make the world's
Fastest flying machine;
And it will be big,
And it will be green."

The toy soldiers looked pleased
And his truck beamed with pride,
But the teddy bear asked,
"Can we all fit inside?"

"Of course we all can."
Came the reply.
"We'll all squeeze together
Or at least we will try;
It will soar like an eagle
Up in the sky.

"It will fly 'round the world
In an hour or two,
And if that's not enough
Here's what else it will do

"It will fly to the Moon
On just one tank of gas,
Then back before lunch ...
It will really be fast
'Cause green stands for go
And it will never be passed.


{End of Sample}


Thank you for your interest in The Amazing Green Flying Machine. Creation of the illustrations to begin soon. Publication is planed for the second half of 2013.



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