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Welcome to our Children's Books page. Mr. Powers has written three children's books. One is in print and available now, the second one is currently at the illustrators, and the third will begin the illustration process soon.

These books are written in rhyming verse and are enjoyable for all ages, particularly for anyone who enjoys the work of children's writers like Doctor Seuss.  Each book is delightfully illustrated and follows a color theme.

Thank you for visiting our children's page. We will update the site with new releases as they are published. Please stop back anytime to see what is new.


Written in rhyming verse, The New Blue Zoo is a delightful tale of the little town of Blue View and their love for all shades of blue. In order to showcase their community they decide to build a zoo and fill it with their favorite creatures, all of them blue ... except the Dweekers of course.

This was the first book Mr. Powers published. Click here to see the original web site and a brief interview with the author on a local television station.

32-page color softback.


So far Mr. Powers has written three books in his children's color series. The next one due to be published is The Pretty Purple Princess

Shown to the left is one of the illustrations (in progress.) Click here for a larger image and a short sample of the story.

This, like all Mr. Powers children’s books is written in rhyming verse. It is due for publication in mid-2013 as a 32-page color softback.


Artwork will begin soon on this, the third of the children’s color-series books.

A little boy awakens one morning with a grand idea and soon is hard at work with his crayons and paper. Before long he designs the biggest, best, fastest airplane ever. Will all his toy friends fit inside? Will it really go to the moon and back on just one tank of gas? All this and more awaits this brave young adventurer as he builds The Amazing Green Flying Machine!

Click here for a short sample of the story.

Written in rhyming verse, this 32-page color softback book is due for publication in 2013.



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