The Pretty Purple Princess

This is a sample of the children's book The Pretty Purple Princess by author, William F. Powers.

Illustrations by Susan Redden

In the midst of the land
Was the County of Dorn;
In the midst of the county,
The town of New Morn

In the midst of the town
A castle stood tall
In the midst of the castle
And just down the hall
Was a room of all purple
From the doors to the walls

The ceiling and carpet
The bed and the chairs
The window's long curtains
And the balcony stairs

"Why" You may ask
"Such a purpley place?
Why so much purple
In one little space."

The answer is simple
my inquisitive friend
The reason it's purple
From beginning to end

Is the princess has asked
That it be that way!
And so it shall be.
What else can we say?

{End of Sample}


Thank you for your interest in The Pretty Purple Princess. The illustrations are being created now. It is due for release soon.



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