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Groucho Marx said "I must confess, I was born at a very early age." With a grin on his face author William F. Powers says "At least Groucho and I have one thing in common." However, like Groucho, Bill also enjoys laughter and good humor. He once received one of those get-to-know-your-friends emails in which you respond with information about yourself. One question asked “What is your favorite sound?” His reply was “My wife’s laughter.”

A positive outlook has served Bill well in his life. Growing up with mom, dad and five siblings in a big, old house in Cincinnati had its challenges, but he can’t imagine a better childhood. “Our parent’s greatest legacy to their children is that we remain a very close-knit, loving family, even after their passing several years ago.”

A sense of humor was key in Bill’s first published work, a children’s book titled The New Blue Zoo. It is the first in a series of color-themed children’s paperbacks which so far include two more books which are currently in development. “I try to keep the children’s books light, creative and fun,” he says. “Children need to learn, and there are plenty of boks that teach. But if everything a child reads tries to teach them something they lose interest. Their learning must be balanced with books that are fun to read—books that stir their imagination.”

Since the release of The New Blue Zoo Bill published a novel, Streams of Mercy in the Valley of Shadows, released in October, 2013; it is available in paperback and for Kindle. He has also released a number of short stories for e-book readers. Additionally, Bill continues to write short stories and novels, and is currently lining up artists to illustrate his two other children's books.

Bill’s career had been mostly in the technical field where he was involved in electrical and mechanical design and troubleshooting. He has also worked in radio broadcasting as an engineer and as an announcer.  Slow economic conditions caused the engineering office to close in 2009, and he found that new opportunities were hard to come by. That is when he decided that ‘Plan B’ would include doing something that he always enjoyed—writing. And a dream was born.

Involvement in church has also been a part of his life. Bill has been active in Bible teaching for a number of years and currently, along with his wife Jerian, helps in the fifth and sixth grade Sunday School class.

Bill and Jerian live in southwestern Ohio and have eight grown children. They also have eleven grandchildren who range in age from a few months to their early twenties.

Oh yes, they have one cat. (We almost forgot. Sorry, CC.)


Contact Mr. Powers at author@williamfpowers.com.


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