Welcome to our Novels page. Mr. Powers is excited to announce that his first novel has just been released!

Streams of Mercy in the Valley of Shadows is the story idea which launched Mr. Powers into his writing career. Other works were published first but he considers this his most important fictional effort. He offers it with the expectation that it will give encouragement and hope to many, especially of his generation—the Vietnam generation.

It is a story filled with risk and fear, turmoil and regret, redemption and peace. It is dedicated to the men and women who commit themselves to protect our freedoms, then and now.

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In Streams of Mercy in the Valley of Shadows a young man grows up with troubles and disappointments only to be sent thousands of miles from home to fight a war. Sgt. Tom Jenkins does his job bravely, but his experiences and his choices, for good and bad, follow him home and create in him another war—a war which guns and grenades cannot win. Through the battle that rages inside and the life that unfolds before him, he discovers forgiveness and redemption, finds the peace which had eluded him all of his life, and regains the courage he had left on the battlefield.

Streams of Mercy is a story of faith and inspiration which will give comfort and confidence to readers in spite of their past—and regardless their present. Read a sample.

Suitable for mid-teens and up, this book is available in paperback from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com, and will soon be available for order in bookstores everywhere. Now available for Kindle and Kindle Apps. Also, if you buy the paperback from Amazon you get the Kindle version FREE.

Reader comments (pre-release edition):

"This is very realistic." ~ Jerry M., Vietnam vet.

"Gripping and very emotional. The characters are quite believable." ~ Marion P.

"Streams of Mercy in the Valley of Shadows is spiritual, encouraging and a good read. You should get this on the Hallmark Channel." ~ Joe T.

"This is so good. Just keep the books coming." ~ Nancy A.

"A good story and a great message. I saw myself in there in quite a few places as I'm sure a lot of people will when they read it." ~ Harold L.


Contact Mr. Powers at author@williamfpowers.com.


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